Why It’s Important to Use a Home Inspection Checklist Onsite

When performing a home inspection it’s very important to have some type of home inspection checklist to go by. There are several benefits to using a home inspection checklist:




Less Risk: By using a home inspection checklist you’ll be much less likely to miss items and make mistakes during the home inspection. All major components and areas to inspect are listed on the home inspection checklist and it gives the inspector a routine to follow during the inspection. I’ve seen inspectors who use a yellow pad of paper before which doesn’t look very professional and leaves a lot of room for error.


Faster and more accurate inspection: Another great benefit of using a home inspection checklist is that you’ll get used to a routine and method of performing the inspection that will soon become habit. By going over the same sections of the home in order you’ll soon be doing inspection much more quickly. After a while you won’t need to read your home inspection checklist anymore and you’ll pretty much just be filling in the blanks with your notes.



Complete reports faster: A home inspection checklist will also make it much easier to fill out your home inspection report if you do it at home or the office. If your home inspection software has a layout similar to your home inspection checklist it will be easy to fill in the information.



Once you customize your home inspection checklist to fit your business it’s a good idea to print off 10-20 to keep in your vehicle at all times. When you arrive at the property you’ll grab your home inspection checklist and a clipboard and you’re ready to perform the inspection. It’s a good idea to store your home inspection checklist in a file cabinet for some time in case you need to go back later and view your hand written notes which you might not have included in the actual inspection report.