Want Give Nutritional Supplements as a Gift?

After a long-term consumption of vitamins and nutritional supplements, you probably have found that they are considerably helpful for your overall health. You may want to share your new finding with everyone. Why not present your friends or family members with some well-chosen nutritional supplements as a gift?

Think carefully before you act!

If you have decided to purchase vitamins(http://www.mitamins.com) and nutritional supplements as a surprise for someone, it is imperative for you to think about the following tips or cautions before you order.

1. Nutritional Supplements are a Kind of Medicine

Have you ever been shopping, and bought a certain kind of aspirin for a friend just because you like it? Probably not. Nutritional supplements are the same kind of thing. Although you can purchase them without a doctor’s prescription, they are a form of medicine after all. Medicine is not “one-size-fits-all”: it works differently for every person, and what may be perfect for you may not have the same effect for others.

2. Nutritional Supplements Are Personal Things

If your friends were to give you a roll of toilet paper or dandruff shampoo for your birthday, how would you feel? Embarrassed, right? The same holds true for vitamins and nutritional supplements, as these products are defined as being personal items. If you give a friend a bottle of nutritional supplements casually, he or she may feel uncomfortable or a little weird.

3. Nutritional Supplements May Interfere with Medication

Imagine that one of your friends really likes the vitamins and nutritional supplements(http://www.mitamins.com) you are taking, and you decide to give him or her a bottle as a surprise. So you order the product to give as a gift for the next time you meet. However, what both of you don’t realize is that one of the main ingredients in the nutritional supplements interferes with another medication personal prescribed by your friend’s doctor. In some cases, some people might suffer severe complications if they take nutritional supplements and personal medications together.

4. Nutritional Supplements Are Not “One-Size-Fits-All”

You may have benefited a lot from taking nutritional supplements(http://www.mitamins.com), so you hold the conviction that they are powerful. Nevertheless the products are not right for everyone. Besides, people are highly cautious of or sensitive to any kinds of medication which they are not familiar with, including vitamins. So if you buy this kind of products for others, it may not only be a waste of your money and time, but also may affect your friendship, as sending vitamins or nutritional supplements may seem an undesirable or even rude gesture.


If you still insist on purchasing nutritional supplements for your friends or your family members,, you’d better get his or her permission before you act. Thus, the products will not be a surprise any more, and you will know that the products are just what she or he needs.