U.S. new-vehicle average of 100 kilometers fuel consumption savings of 16% in three years

The Auto blog message: With the growth of gasoline prices, Americans spent on gasoline money complain more and more. University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute study showed that: in accordance with the data of the first three months of this year, compared to the average energy consumption data of the new car since 2008, the level of energy saving and has the growth. The one hand, many car manufacturers continued to force energy-saving technologies. The United States a number of new car consumers for automotive consumer culture changed.




Relative to the 2008 data of 20.8 miles per gallon, this year’s percentage growth reached double digits. Annual data from 2011, a gallon of gasoline or about 22.5 miles, so in the next full year of data is expected to perform better. So far, the average price of gasoline in the United States about $ 4 per gallon. Of course, relatively speaking, the first three months, Toyota, GM and other car manufacturers in their Pries and blue vodka sales levels were broken sales records. The same energy models have better performance.

Hoagie Comment: the formation of the automotive consumer culture and a country experiencing a variety of events related to association. Example, sparsely populated in the United States, to enjoy almost the world’s cheapest oil resources, coupled with the car industry and its large displacement, especially pickup vehicle to pursue the world’s energy consumption accounted for the heavy. ORIX is a New York Stock Exchange companies, car rental services in 19 countries and regions around the world. Relatively speaking, the media reports of a huge car dealer is ready to turn to the second industry, car rental companies to prepare a joint venture set up in China and Japan’s Oryx Corporation.

Of course, this culture on the one hand support this high-margin pickup vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, another aspect of the shortage of oil resources, gasoline situation is further grim, but also to combat these enterprises. The gradual rise of oil prices, the people in protest, but after all, is the trend, if the open on the fuel-efficient cars is fundamental. Detroit in the U.S. Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality. Big Three have been in trouble in 2008, reduced to the point of relying on government aid, but also in the throes of the United States love displacement automotive consumer groups also change their. Of course this is not the smoke of war, the best cheap Japanese cars started relying on energy conservation and new energy, especially Toyota and even some time ago to sit in the big spot of the world’s automobile head.