Think you Cannot Pair Silver Jewellery with a Silver Dress? Think Again!

One of the hot colours in clothing this season is silver. We’ve seen shiny silver dresses, matte silver dresses and, of course, dresses turned a shimmering silver by sequins. Whether you’ve been asked to wear a silver dress as a bridesmaid, or have simply chosen one off the rack yourself, you may now be asking yourself: how to accessorize?

If you think wearing silver jewellery with your silver dress would clash or be “overkill” – think again. In fact, the best silver jewellery to wear is silver jewellery with gemstones in a colour that complement or highlight the sheen of your dress.

For example, silver jewellery with black gemstones – such as opaque onyx or translucent black diamond Swarovski crystals – look elegant with a silver dress. If your silver dress has shiny sequins, the deep, usually matte finish of these gemstones offer the perfect counterpoint. You can also use texture to add sophistication to your look. For example, choose silver jewellery with faceted, not smooth gemstones. Or silver jewellery with a hammered finish. Or blackened silver jewellery. In any case, black-and-silver jewellery is a good bet for an evening affair. Pair it with black shoes (but not shiny patent leather!) and a black clutch purse.

If you were planning on wearing your silver dress to a daytime affair, choose silver jewellery with gemstones that have a cool colour tone. This includes silver jewellery with gemstones such as limpid blue tourmaline or blue topaz or, if you feel a bit more daring, turquoise. Blue shades tend to “pop” when worn with silver, and will look particularly attractive if you have blue eyes. If you want something a bit calmer, choose silver jewellery with a cool pink-hued gemstone, such as pink tourmaline or rose quartz. These “cold” colours match the icy sparkle of the silver in your dress.

But, if you nevertheless fear that silver jewellery and a silver dress might be “too much of a good thing”, you can choose silver jewellery that has a touch of goldfill. Once upon a time, it was thought to be in bad taste to mix silver and gold. But not anymore. In our post-modern age of mixing and matching, silver jewellery with filaments or touches of goldfill is considered elegant classics. Worn with a silver dress, it will add an element of eye-catching surprise. A gold lame clutch purse or gold lame sandals are then perfect to round out your look.

The only colours to avoid when choosing silver jewellery to wear with a silver dress are the warm colours: red, yellow, and orange. These “hot” tones are liable to clash with your silver dress, and that would never do. Even if you feel you must have something red in your outfit, choose a cool-toned red, like this season’s in-vogue honeysuckle-hued garnets. Nevertheless, it’s good to remember that silver is a cool colour (in both senses!) and so will look best with cool-colored gemstones.

In fact, this is the reason it’s best to wear silver jewellery with a silver dress. The cool colour of silver jewellery perfectly complements most silver dress materials. And the many varieties and styles of silver jewellery available make it easy to find the one that perfectly complements your particular dress.