The Kindle’s Future: Death or Rebirth?

According to the company, more customers bought the Amazon Kindle on Christmas day than actual books. Given that not many actually purchase anything on Christmas Day except from bargains and sales, this might not mean a great deal, but we get the drift: in fact, Amazon stated the Kindle to be ‘the most gifted product’ in the history of the company.

Now that means something, so is there any need for changes to the Kindle if it is doing so well? The answer is definitely yes, because anything standing still gets overtaken. In fact, over the next year or so there will be massive changes made to the e-reader market with a rash of competitors having developed new products that will be shipped from November onwards. Some of these will include innovations and features that will make the Kindle appear Victorian by comparison, so what is in store for the Amazon Kindle over the coming year?

The answer to that is that nobody knows, so we can only surmise what is in Amazon’s mind. The iPad has given rise to a serious competitor, and the reaction of other manufacturing companies such as Dell, HP, Samsung and Toshiba to name just four is already being seen. Each of these is coming out with new machines of 7″ and more, with 1024 x 600 screen resolution and e-reader capability. The iPad itself has its own iBooks, plus of course the Kindle application, although most for the moment are going with Apples own e-reader app.

Here are some of the things we believe that Amazon might introduce to the Kindle, either as tweaks or as a brand new machine with more functionality than just as an e-reader. Each of these is based upon existing competition and what we already know is in the pipeline from that competition for 2011.