Seeking Out Asbestos

What do you do once you know you have a material made with asbestos?  The answer is potentially, nothing.  The Certified Asbestos Inspector that did the initial test for asbestos can help direct the different options with how to then deal with the substance.  Many times, depending on the circumstances, the asbestos can remain in place if it is not being disturbed during the course of normal business.  The area will need to be monitored continually over regular periods of time to ensure there is not a safety hazard or concern.



The asbestos can also not be stable and be in a situation that makes working in the environment very costly to an employee’s long term health.  At that point, the asbestos would need to be removed.  The Certified Asbestos Inspector would need to be present to devise a plan for removal in a safe way.  Typically the area is sealed to reduce the spread of airborne particulates.  Asbestos must be removed and placed in specially made containers that have been individually labeled. The bags must have a specialty type of vehicle to transport them.  Finally, the area that will take the containers must be specifically set up to take the hazardous material.  All of these arrangements can typically be arranged by the Inspector.


Many products and surface areas contain asbestos and was a major component to many different types of products.  One could almost equate the use of asbestos many years ago, to the usage of plastic today!  It was used in clothing, household appliances, and major building construction.  The various forms can vary the danger level to anyone that works in the immediate area.  Any area that has tested positive must be disclosed to the employees working in and around the area.  Special attention and training for how to properly work in the area must be given.  Any maintenance man must also be made aware if they will be, even temporarily, working around asbestos.

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The first step to finding asbestos starts with testing performed by a Certified Asbestos Inspector.  The Inspector will test every surface available.  The test are then carefully labeled and sent for analysis at a lab.  If any positive results are found, a plan must be devised for how to move forward.  The individual circumstances will determine if leaving the asbestos in place is even an option.  To contact a local Inspector in your area, click here.