Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay

Mobile phones have secured a strong place in our lives. We use it much more than just making and receiving calls. We take them everywhere with us- even to bed. With the increased usage of mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones, mobile commerce is starting to pick up speed. Businesses of all sizes are allowing their customers to purchase from m- commerce, which provides benefits to both the seller and the buyer.


What is mobile commerce?


Mobile commerce, also known as M- commerce, is the ability to buy and sell a product or service through a mobile device.



The mobile commerce is here to stay, consumers can access millions of products at the palm of their hands and thereby increasing retailers’ reach and overall sales. Here are the few valuable tips to keep in mind for maximizing site performance on tablets and smartphones.


Site design optimization-This means, the primary focus should be on delivering a fast, reliable mobile Web experience, which also means streamlining the content on a mobile website and eliminating unnecessary page weight. Sometimes, losing a little weight is all that is needed to improve the website performance.



True end-user perspective- Measure performance from the true end-user perspective since end-users are accessing sites at any time, from anywhere. Businesses must make sure that their sites are always available-24×7, and fast for mobile users. Once again, the only way to do that is to measure performance for all applications from the true end-user perspective, around the clock.


Responsive design- Among mobile devices, there are differences and nuances in terms of the volume and type of site content that various platforms can accommodate well. For eg, sites on an iPad must be optimized for touch, displaying big buttons and links that are placed apart to enable easy browsing.