Men Fashion Tips

Achievement is best covered by a perfect dress sense. Those that have disagreed with this are usually of distasteful feeling to anything aesthetic or have a personality of an ant. Why should an accomplished man be perfectly dressed? Because a man like a chair can never be staid on one leg. A brilliant mind, ability and social grace can all be summed in faultless dress.  A man’s wardrobe, it has often been commented is an extension of his personality, I argue it is his personality. Think about it how can a flashy dressed man with swooning presence turn out to be a bore? Dressing, done appropriately symbolizes one’s outlook on life and a full-blooded in aesthetics- arrogance with a tradition as long as washing hands with soap! Indeed this was a generally accepted rule in the days of ‘Old-Fashioned’ when a man would take at least 3 hours to dress up in the morning. The elaboration was not lost to the lady folk of the time who would examine and deduct a man’s character purely based on his cloth and use of thread.

A potential employee would list his bespoke tailor as a reference. Previously every man, shared and noble distinguished himself through the cut and make of his attire.  Even when fighting his enemy, cavalry distinction was usually an extension of his beautiful uniform.  So what has transformed over the ages? Today’s man is described as colour blind and with other non-flattery curses. I suppose like all medieval nobility, it no longer matters if a man’s character is worth crest. Men have even abrogated the six week bespoke tailoring experience to off-the rack internet based synthetic suit- and with no shame whatsoever his lady does the buying. Is there a worse insult, than your lady buying a suit for you? Never mind the glaring allusions about the man’s clothing sense; this refers to just how desperate the lady is in the mating game. Imagine Emraan Hashmi or Hrithik Roshan mating with a desperate lady who does his wardrobe shopping. This insult is incredible. Every super hero has a suit- this is not just mere coincidence that saving the world requires appropriately dashing attire, it should be the staple food for any man. Not just the gay man who has taken man’s fashion to be his fiefdom- the straight man needs to reclaim what has always been his kingdom.   So what is it that I love about man’s fashion, notwithstanding the current state of affairs? I love how naturally important and dashing a perfectly dressed man looks.  Because a man who puts much thought and effort to his clothing and sense of style has measured attention to his work and craft. An elegantly uniformed soldier will draw his elegant sword, and fight an elegant fight. Why else would a soldier dress in an clean uniform shine his buttons, sword and shoes only to fight in the fields of dirt, blood gashing in all directions? It’s because he understands the importance of virtues and strength are illustrated by his uniform. Who says man’s fashion is boring?