How to sell on Ecommerce Websites

Remember the last time you visited the UCB outlet to have your favorite pair of shirts,you might be thinking about your Company Registration I know it’s been too long because now you got the magic sword in your hand, the mobile phone, which is making wonders everyday and you could get anything from Mexican Pizza to LP shoes.

But who could have imagined that while sitting in your 2 bhk home you are selling your product in the whole nation or may be across the nation’s boundaries? Who could have imagined that a person who used to deal from his small shop now has a warehouse of 500sq.ft? A trader who used to earn in thousands now have a turnover in lakhs and more. Yes, I am serious it has happened not with one trader but with many, we can’t even imagine.

This all have become possible because fortunately our economy has developed and “zeal to conquer the whole world” is on the rim. And yes you must thank Michael Aldrich, the tech baba who invented E-commerce because this e-commerce platform is by which you traders are able to sell your products, your profit margin gets a shoot and it enables you to have your brand, yes your way to stardom.

I know you are wondering how this word E-commerce become so much profitable in the business place which earlier used to rely on retail shops tradition only and how you can expand your business in rapidly growing e-commerce market?

What is E-commerce?


As the word itself suggests:


Commerce= Carrying your business

So the buying and selling of products by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium is all you need to make your business under the roof of E-commerce. Hang on, it got the types too:

Business to Business(B2B) : Alibaba


Business to Consumer(B2C) :Flipkart

Consumer to Consumer(C2C): Quickr

Now the question is how these E-commerce sites will increase your bank A/c balance and how you can create a brand for your product? Now here comes the role of me (your best friend) and as your best friend gonna help you in detailing all that you need to make your products available on E-commerce sites.

So here is the quick mantra to boom your earnings and make you the king of good times and it begins with a major Warning:

More than half of the services provided by the E-commerce sites are free, so, put your wallet in your pocket and save it get your own rocket.

  • There is a wide place to sell your products online, your key to success lies in choosing the best sites to list your product.
  • Get over with the document things first because you need VAT ID, Pan Card, Bank Account and most important the unique products you want to sell. These documents are required by every e-commerce site to make you register under their roof.
  • After the paper work, make your products available on e-commerce sites let it be Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra and it will take another half an hour to name them all, so choose wisely. And then your listing process begins:
  • Listing your products is simple and these guys help you in creating the best catalogue for your products. List your product with its precise description and with the best pictures.