From Lifeless Bunk Beds to Exceptional Stompa and Thuka Beds

The brilliancy for the latest bunk bed dates all the way back to Early Egypt. Before that time, folks simply slept on the floor on piles on whatever cozy material could be found. When bed frames were first introduced, they relied on ropes instead of metal or wood. They were much closer to the modern hammock than they were to the bed. The Egyptian loft bed was conceptually similar to the modern bunk bed.

Though not as comfy as a time-honored bed, bunk beds are still adored by most children.  Bunk beds offer an appreciation of adventure and pleasure to young children. Bunk beds require very dependable frames as the lower bed has to make available support to the upper bed.  They come with safety rails to make certain safety against accidental falls. These beds are commonly smaller than common beds; because of their weight and height constraint and one hardly finds a bunk bed with a mattress larger than twin size.

It is great to note that bunk beds have become bigger in latest years. Though out of the ordinary, but constantly one may find a bunk bed with full size mattress or a triple bunk bed.  Of course, the main excuse for buying bunk beds is to keep elbowroom. If you have three children and only two rooms, the older infant usually gets his own room and the two younger ones can share a bunk bed. The beauty of the bunk is not only that it saves room but it also gives each infant his or her own bed.

Most parents bother about the safety of fresh bunk beds since one youngster will have to bed down four or five feet off the ground. The terrific news is that meaningful accidents and injuries are terribly rare. Most are the result of horseplay and only parents can check if their children are mature enough for bunk beds.

When it comes to the assurance of the actual bed, there are a few things parents should request upon. Firstly, the upper bed should have two secure guardrails. Some times parents just push the bunk bed up against a wall and throw out the inside guardrail. This is a mistake due to, while it is rare, children have slipped between the wall and upper bunk sustaining serious injuries.


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It goes almost without saying that a bunk bed must fall in to the current safety standards. It should be constructed of either wood or metal and it should have a stable and secure ladder. The parents should also able to use the staircase to make certain of the satisfaction and assurance of their youngster.

Several parents make the mistake of assembling these beds themselves. While it might cost a few hundred dollars more, there’s an excuse why most stores have professionals whose job it is to put these bed together. Bunk beds are astonishingly hazardous if they are not suitably put together. Why danger your children’s safety to keep a few bucks?

Last but not least, it is crucial for parents to supervise the use of bunk beds. Mom and Dad should make sure tired kids make it up the ladder to the top bunk and that both guardrails are soundly in place.