Create an Effective Logo Design with a Meaningful, Expressive and Simple Concept!

An intelligently designed logo speaks for your company and conveys your message to the target audience. Your business logo design gives a unique identity to your brand and makes your products desirable, so that whenever your target audience thinks about buying your products, they think about your logo.

That is why when we think about buying an iPad, we don’t visualize the design of an iPad in our head. We think about a beautiful gadget that flaunts the famous Apple logo.

The biggest advantage of designing a logo is that it makes your brand recognizable all over the world. When you tread globally, some of your target buyers may not understand your language. However, when you show them your logo, they immediately pay attention to your promotional campaign.

Here are some of the tips to make your corporate logo effective.

Meaningful Colors- Colors play an important role in any type of graphic design. Colors attract your audience and create an emotional brand-customer bond. Every color has its own psychological meaning and you should choose the colors of your logo very carefully.
Select those colors that express your nature and your business goals. For instance, if you sell apparels for youngsters, then use bright and vivid colors to create a youthful image. On the other hand, if you sell softwares, you can use blue or black color to establish a corporate image.

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Expressive and Relevant Symbol- If you want to create a symbol based logo design, then you have to think of a symbol that represents your business perfectly. Don’t use cliché symbols like “talk bubble” or “swoosh” in your logo. Several other companies use these symbols in their logo design and if you use the same symbol, it won’t look unique.
However, that does not mean if you own a car company, you should use the symbol of a car. Try to use a symbol that has an inner meaning. For instance, the half eaten apple of Apple logo has no direct connection with electronics gadgets. It means constant innovation, because apple is the fruit of knowledge.

Design a Simple Logo- Your logo must not confuse your audience. If you want to use symbols and text in your design, then make sure that these elements don’t create a visual clutter. Keep it simple to connect with your audience.
A simple logo has other advantages as well. Don’t forget that you will use your logo in different places such as business card, newsletter, company website, brochure, billboard advertisement etc. If you use too many elements in your logo, then it may look gibberish when you will change its size for different purposes.

It Must Look Professional- You may cater to a very young audience like Johnson and Johnson, but that does not mean you can design a childish logo. Once the basic design is complete, evaluate your design and see how you can make it more professional. A professionally designed logo wins your viewers’ trust easily and helps you beat your competitors.

Easy to Remember- Your logo should express the nature of your business and leave an impression on the viewers’ mind. Make sure that whoever sees your logo once, does not forget it. Whether you want to use a symbol or a customized font, it should be easy to remember. For instance, if you see the Nike “swoosh”, you can never forget it.