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Magazine advertising increased use of color printing than newspaper ads. As the general magazine printing relatively exquisite, meticulous paper, so advertising works would be better to spread the authenticity, meanwhile requirements magazine advertising pay more attention to use of color in the design process, full screen visual appeal. For example, in promote its food, clothing, interior decoration items, luxury lamps, new cars and other ads, is obvious value in vivid colors.

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In these ads, color can tell people these products advantages and features more vivid than words. If consumers have seen the packaging or trademarks of certain foods in the magazine ad, then they will be easier to identify it in the supermarket, and quickly make a purchase decision. A magazine advertising works, compared with black and white advertising, two-color advertising and color advertising, its notable rate is different.
It can be explained color advertising can attract more readers than black and white advertising or two-color advertising. Some psychological studies have shown that, after add color to the posters, increased attention to the impact of higher rates of female consumers. Thus in magazine advertising design process, for some directed to women as the main target audience of advertising, greater use of color images, or to be rendered in color, can greatly improve the attention of your ads. Of course, the cost of color ads will be higher, but the rate of increase readership color advertisement increasing rate higher than the costs.
Graphic designers have found that warm colors advertising are more attractive than cool colors advertising. Many magazine advertising are often using warm colors-based design methods. In the use of color magazine ads, we need to consider a variety of colors symbolic meaning. In some occasion’s gold and silver can manifest luxurious if used properly. Yellow performance is a symbol of elegance. Green performance relaxation, rest, symbolize natural, healthy and fresh. Black means solemn, serious, and so on. Advertising design must be based on its content and visual effects selected warm and cold tone.

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