About schemes and radio control helicopter circuits

A general radio control helicopter scheme of power and data can give you a basic idea. A good option to consider when wiring the control module, which includes not only the potentiometer knobs but also serve to reverse the same and some additional potentiometers allow us to regulate the sensitivity to the issue that need it.

The circuit could be the following:

§ Wiring a channel regulation (Trim), independent of the encoder.

§ This circuit can be repeated for each transmission channel, notice that we will have a double key and key investor sensitivity on / off for each channel, plus a small trim potentiometer for mail and another to adjust the sensitivity or rank to the main control potentiometer. For this reason it is advisable to consider these gun controls when the radio control helicopter transmitter box.

When it comes to values of each component, it depends on the encoder circuit that we used, so do not let them scored, the resistance does not vary much may be the boundary, which can range between 1K and 5K, the trim pot.

If we put a 100K trim pot will be very sensitive, and if we put a 5K range we may be missing because the trim pot is not enough to correct. The resistance associated with the Trim Pot can be 22K to 47K in either case.

The sensitivity adjustment of the radio control helicopter potentiometer or range helps us if we have less travel in the servos for the same route of the joystick, as the resistance decreases sensitivity pot pot control sensitivity decreases. It is recommended that this pot is approx double or triple the value of the main control potentiometer.

In either case, these are not standard value, it is best to find them in practice. The circuit design theory suggests that it works, but in practice is where we will see that we make adjustments. The LED voltmeter bar is an important item, too. Take a look at every design and get going. You can discover a grandiose world. This can bring many benefits to help you master new techniques. It is linked to a process that saves the current state of the running program and jump to a special address of program memory.




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